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"[my body] is the only home I’ve ever had, and it’s the only home I ever will have. So, no matter how much I argue with it, at the end of the day I have to treat it like my home. And home is where you’re supposed to feel the safest, and home is where love happens, and home is where you’re supposed to feel best about yourself"
— Meredith Graves “The what’s underneath project” (via mess-in-a-miniskirt)
"Note, to-day, an instructive, curious spectacle and conflict. Science, (twin, in its fields, of Democracy in its)—Science, testing absolutely all thoughts, all works, has already burst well upon the world—a sun, mounting, most illuminating, most glorious—surely never again to set. But against it, deeply entrench’d, holding possession, yet remains, (not only through the churches and schools, but by imaginative literature, and unregenerate poetry,) the fossil theology of the mythic-materialistic, superstitious, untaught and credulous, fable-loving, primitive ages of humanity."
— Walt Whitman (via observando)
"It is truly a phantom, for which you may seek for years, and then, when least expected it suddenly stands before you in some dim forest aisle, a vision of soft, white loveliness, that once seen can never be forgotten."
— Barry Lopez, Field Notes (via mythologyofblue)

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"I love the silent hour of night,
For blissful dreams may then arise,
Revealing to my charmed sight
What may not bless my waking eyes."
— Anne Brontë (via observando)
"Eating and self care aren’t things you need to earn. You deserve food, rest, and happiness no matter who you are or what your past is."
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"Love was considered by the Essenes to be the highest creative feeling and they held that a cosmic ocean of love exists everywhere uniting all forms of life, and that life itself is an expression of love."
— Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, The Essene Way: Biogenic Living (via cosmic-rebirth)

And this is absolutely true.

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My friends and I took a road trip from sydney across state to visit our capital, we couldn’t resist popping into parliament house while they were sitting the repealing of the carbon tax.

I have finally got my MacBook Air! In fact, I’m typing this on it right now. Definitely everything I’ve ever wanted in a laptop, including a stylish, streamline design. I can’t believe I at last have it after months and months of saving and waiting for the right time. No doubt completing uni assignment will be much easier now, as will be writing my novel Blood Ties. 

"Mr Abbott will go down as one of the most short-sighted, selfish and small people ever to occupy the office of prime minister."
— Labor Senator Penny Wong, commenting on the repeal of Australia’s carbon pricing. (via laughingatshakespeare)

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